Friday, October 3, 2008

Philadelphia- Visiting a graveyard


My cousin took the day off to spend with us !
"Where would you like to go ?"

We really didn't want to make her drive a long ways out of the city... Like around all big cities, getting in & out can be horrendous.So, I thought of something nearby.
Before leaving, we were planning on taking a taxi up to the cemetery where our Great-grandparents are buried.
It turns out the place was not too far away from Gerry's home, so welcomed the oppurtunity.We took the train Phila & met her nearby.

It might sound strange to do a cemtery when you are on vacation? Not if you are genealogists, like Gerry,Didier & myself are.

A peaceful spot to rest for eternity.

Huge, though... The secretery found a plot number for our great-grandmother. But, maybe the spot has changed hands; we could'nt find her ! But, official papers have said that our Great-Grandparents are buried here.

I'll let Gerry continue the quest, since she lives closer to the spot than we do !


Dragonstar said...

Sounds like you had a great time!

Barbara said...

Hi Dragonstar,
Yes, we did !
Even though some people would find going to a cemetery very odd.But, we wanted to try & find our family(s grave ( no luck so far).

debi_in_Hawaii said...

Fascinating. I wish I was there.
Probably have to go through state archives?

Barbara said...

Hi Deb,
Hummm... you getting into genealogy now?
We had to check out the Phila death records first; they tell you on the certificate where the person was buried.
I love going through graveyards; they are fascinating & don't spook me at all.

Call it a "genealogist's paradise ;) "