Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Philadelphia- Mural art

Just a few examples of mural art in Philadelphia.
Do click on each photo to see more detail !

I loved this one which is dedicated to women.

I'm not quite sure what the theme is here...

Mural that you can see on the Cold Case opening trailer... Across Fairmount Park.

A South street Black heritage mural which is continued below...

Autumn colors on this one.


Dragonstar said...

It all looks so decorative! I love the autumn colours one!

Barbara said...

Hi Dragonstar,
It was really exciting to be walking in a neighborhood & just "stumble upon" this art.
I really love it...

Ron said...

OMG,'re not going to believe this...but the second mural photo almost directly across the street from my apartment building!!!

Actually, if you walk out of my building and turn's just a couple of feet down.

Isn't that WILD??

You were right there by my building!!!

This is a mural that's dedicated to the Arts of Philadelphia!

I also know the first mural, but the last four...I've never seen before, so this was GREAT!

Awesome photography, Barb!

Thanks for sharing!

This was FUN!!!

Barbara said...

Hi Ron,
Geez; what a coincidence; taken practiacally near Ron's house !
I really enjoyed the artwork; thanks for filling me in.
And, I think you found a few new ones too.

Next time, we have to ring you up at home & say "Bonjour !".

Take care my friend.