Thursday, October 2, 2008

Philadelphia - Historical Center

16 September,2008

Just a few highlight's of what is called " Americas's most historical square mile " :

Independence Hall.

The building where the final draft of the Declaration of Independence from England was signed in 1776.

The old courtroom which is inside Independence Hall.

The room where the signing of the Declaration of Independence took place.

There it is; the real McCoy; THE chair where George Washington sat during the writing of & signing of the document. It was said that is was really the only piece of furniture that really dates from this period.

That round black chair represents Benjamin Franklin's spot. By the time the Declaration of Independence was been drafted, Franklin was very old. According to the Park ranger, he was carried in & out each time there was a meeting at the Hall.

Let freedom ring; the Liberty Bell.

Christ Church burial ground.This cemetery is where Benjamin Franklin,his wife & family are buried.

This was just so typical of Franklin's wit...

Benjamin & Deborah Franklin's gravestone.
Notice the pennies on the grave ; people have remembered Franklin's old adage :" A penny saved is a penny earned ".


Dragonstar said...

Such an historical place!

Barbara said...

Oh yes...
Next to Washington D.C, Philly must have some of the best historical sites in the country.