Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Philadelphia- Going from Broad St to the Museum of Art

17 September,2008.

Dance classes during the lunch break at Fairmont park.

Going from City Hall up towards Parkway. All the way up to the museum, the avenues are lined with flags of all nations.

An "active" Civil war monument that reminds one of the "Arc de Triomphe ".

Huge statue in front of the Museum of Arts.

General Washington.

The best view of Philly and the place that all film fans recognize from "Rocky".

" Yo Rock ! " There he is ; the statue is really on the side of the museum, and not on the front steps.


Stargazer said...

So many sculptures!

Barbara said...

Hello Stargazer,
Yes, Philadelphia is a city that has many scultures ! This is just a selection. Enjoy :)

Dragonstar said...

What a beautiful city it is!

Ron said...


These photos are freaking FABULOUS!!!!!

They actually make me feel excited to LIVE HERE!

Philly truly IS a beautiful city, isn't it?


Barbara said...

Hi Ron,
Isn't downtown Philly a beauty ?!
It is our second trip over & each time we like the city more.
I'm glad that you enjoyed the pics; D was the photographer ;)
Continue to come back & enjoy the rest of the photos.