Friday, October 10, 2008

Duluth - Aerial Lift bridge & Minnesota Point

Duluth-10, September, 2008

The aerial lift bridge is one of the curiosities for visitors to Duluth.The lower level, is used for regular traffic & pedestrians, and the top level rises up to let boats come in & out of the harbor.

We had witnessed this twice as cousin Pat & other drivers were stopped. The barriers go down,the bells ring and you watch as the bridge "splits" it two to let boats through.

The port is a busy center for boats bringing out taconite( a rock that contains iron),coal or wheat.

The Aerial lift bridge

A tugboat passing through.

Townhouses along the port side.

Under the bridge on the pedestrian trails.

Pleasure craft taking tourists under towards the aerial bridge.

Aerial bridge seen from the Maritime park area.

This sandy area is Minnesota point ( Also called Park point).It is a sandbar that separates Lake Superior from Superior bay. You can also see the boats pass through.


Dragonstar said...

You have some wonderful photos here - that bridge is so photogenic.

Peg said...

Love the pix. I remember seeing those sights while visiting in 2004.Thanks for sharing...Peg

Barbara said...

Hi Dragonstar,
This is a very interesting bridge and yes, a photogenic one to boot ! It is so interesting to see how things work, and it's quite a big thing to see it go up & down.

Peg- Hi Cuz !
I see that it brings back memories ! I think that the whole Lake Superior area is lovely.
It was my pleasure;come back... I have a few more of Duluth ;)

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