Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Philadelphia- Washington square park

18 September,2008.

The memorial to the Unknown Revolutionary war soldier. Actually, there are many unknowns buried underneath this calm park.

Some of the flags representing the original States of the then young nation.

A haven of peace in a bustling city.

Click on the image for a closer view. These critters were having such a grand time in the square, boxing against each other !


Dragonstar said...

More lovely photos! The boxing squirrels is a perfect catch.

Barbara said...

Hi Mereid,
I'm glad that you are enjoying the tour ;).
Yes, we came at the right time in the square to find these funny squirrels; so funny :)

Ron said...


This is the park that I hang out in every single weekend!!!

It's truly my favorite park in the city. Quiet and friendly!

*and I think I KNOW those two squirrels!


Thanks for the share, dear lady!