Saturday, September 27, 2008

Montreal -The Biodome & The Olympic stadium

23 September,2008.

The Biodome is a supurb living exhibit that creates the major ecosystems of the Americas. Going from the humid jungles of South America,up to Quebec and finally the Polar regions. Well done and worth a visit if you go by Montreal.

The Olympic stadium was for the 1976 Olympic games.It is located close by the Biodome.

Entrance to Biodome. Behind it is the tower of the Olympic stadium.

A trip through humid South American jungles..

Huge trees with tumbling vines.

Exotic beauty.

A delicate scarlet ibis.

A crocodile.

Piranhas swim in their aquarium.

A short trip through the forest lands of the Laurentides of Quebec.

Do not disturb; sleeping porcupine !

A magestic lynx.

It looks real... a reconstiution of Gaspesie's maritime environment.

In the Arctic environment.

Penguins rule !

In front of the Olympic stadium.


Dragonstar said...

This is a great idea! Your photos are excellent - you must have had a wonderful time.

Barbara said...

Hi Meried,
I have been wanting to do this for awhile. That way, everyone can look at the pics like a book.
Yes, besides some minor problems, we did have some beautiful moments.