Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Philadelphia- Washington square park

18 September,2008.

The memorial to the Unknown Revolutionary war soldier. Actually, there are many unknowns buried underneath this calm park.

Some of the flags representing the original States of the then young nation.

A haven of peace in a bustling city.

Click on the image for a closer view. These critters were having such a grand time in the square, boxing against each other !

Monday, September 29, 2008

Philadelphia - My Grandad's baptismal church

18 September,2008.
One of our last treks while in Philly was to see where my Grandad was baptised.
Here it is :

The church was founded 2 years before Grandad was born. He was baptised here on the 24 March,1887.

The church was locked shut, so we rang the office doorbell twice. No answer...
For you movie buffs, this is also the church where Rock married his Adrienne in Rocky II.

View of the church coming down 17th street.

Modest rowhouses shadowded against downtown Philly's riches.

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Philadelphia- Rittenhouse square

18 September,2008.

Another lovely square, but this time near financial & shopping areas.

A quaint guard house.

Rittenhouse square history.

Lovely bronze beauty ( notice the bouquet that someone left ! ).

Two young artists beginning a chalk picture.

We found this " French quarter " sign outside the square.

And we found this French café & wine bar ! No, we didn't go in; we don't come to the US to eat French ;)


This was our end to our Philadelphia trip.

Goodbye Philadelphia... we will be back one day. We left the city on 19 September and got into Montreal the afternoon of the same day.

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Montréal- Le vieux Montréal / The old city

September 20,2008.
Our first real touring day in Montreal.

Montreal townhall.

The Basilica of Notre Dame.

Statue of Paul de Chomedy de Maisoneuve that is in front of the Basilica. He had founded the settlement of what was than called "Ville-Marie"-the future Montréal in 1642.

Details on the same statue. This was one of the young colony's militia men & collaborateurs, Lambert Closse.

It's always nice to see statues dedicated to women. This is Jeanne Mance, who particapted in the founding of the young "Ville-Marie".

A bilingual Historical plaque about Maisoneuve.

Le Marché Bonsecours/ Bonsecours Market.
Today, this is a shopping gallery.

The beautiful silver dome of the Marché Bonsecours by day...

Becomes a shining blue & silver jewel by night.

Montreal - Vive les mariés ! / Long live the bride & groom !

September 20,2008.

Here we were almost rubbing elbows with bridal groups near the Hôtel de ville ( Town hall)....

Look at that !

It's Saturday and those strech limos make it more "bumper to bumper when you get to townhall.

Posing for a wedding photo.

Classy limo.

Montréal - Le port

Montreal is actaually on a island,where you can see the river Saint Laurent.
This is just a short trip up to the port and where the city meets the river.

Les quais du Vieux port/ The quais of the old city.

Pleasure craft.

The Sedna 1V. This vessel had been on an Artic expeditions.

The Saint Laurent.

Various ferry that can take you to neighboring islands & back.

Looking out on the city from the riverside.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Montreal- Misc shots of center city

September 21,2008.

Montreal's Chinatown.

St James Anglican church.
Sylvie told us how the architecture of the tower behind is inspired by the old church.Look at the pointy windows on top that copy the stained glass window shape.

The building is also mirored so the church reflects in the newer building.You can see the church in the mirrors.

A throwback to the old trading post days with the former Hudson's Bay Co...

A quick stop through McGill University.McGill is Montreal's top English speaking Uni.

A quiet campus scene... it takes me back to my college years.

An unusual sculpture across from Mc Gill...

Do you feel enlightened now you know what this is ?!

Montreal- Le Mont Royal/ The Mount Royal

22 September,2008.

This is a huge park in Northern Montreal that is a treat to discover. This park is open year round to all and is a pleasure to walk through.

Critter alert- the Mount Royal is full of cute and hungry squirrels.

Jacques Cartier- Discoverer of Canada

A page of History which was begun on 2 October, 1535...

Views of Montreal from the Mount Royal.

Le lac aux castors/ Beaver lake.We did not see beavers, but just hundreds of koi ( goldfish) in the lake !

Grassy spaces with geometric statues.