Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Duluth- Lester trail park

Duluth- 8 September,2008.

Our first touring day in Duluth after arriving from Paris ( via Toronto) on the evening of the 7 September.

Just a few shots of Lester park. This park is just minutes from downtown and residential areas in Duluth. It has some lovely hiking trails and quiet spots.

Duluth - Enger Tower

Duluth- 8 September,2008.

Enger tower is a 80 or 24 meter high observation tower on Enger Hill. The tower & it's hill are named after a Norwegian immigrant named Bert Enger who became a successful businessman in the community. He donated the land for the surrounding Enger Park.

Enger tower.

Some of the views of Duluth and the Lake Superior. taken from the tower...

You can see the aerial lift bridge...

It looks like rain coming from the other side of the sky... we did get a few drops of rain.

A Japanese bell in Enger park.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Duluth - Leif Erikson Park

Duluth- 8 September,2008

A quiet place along Lake Superior to take a walk.

View of the park.

A quaint music stand.

A view of the roses on Lake Superior.

Beautiful roses in the park.

Duluth- A visit with my cousin at the lab

Duluth- 8 September,2008.

We visited my cousin Tim at the Dental practice where he works.Tim's Dad, Jim also works in this same lab.

Future dentures that are being formed.

The final step in making dentures; into the centrifruge & the heat that will fix the porcelain.

Look at it burn... we all wore safety goggles "just in case".

It's always fascinating to see how things are made !

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Duluth - On the road to Gooseberry Falls

9 September,2008 .

Pat drove us on the scenic route that goes up to Gooseberry Falls.

Some homes seen as we were going to Gooseberry Falls. They are along the Lake Superior.

Port facilities for the big boats at Two Harbors.

Lake Superior at Two harbors.

The lighthouse at Two harbors.

Gooseberry Falls scenery...

Just breathtaking.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Duluth - Aerial Lift bridge & Minnesota Point

Duluth-10, September, 2008

The aerial lift bridge is one of the curiosities for visitors to Duluth.The lower level, is used for regular traffic & pedestrians, and the top level rises up to let boats come in & out of the harbor.

We had witnessed this twice as cousin Pat & other drivers were stopped. The barriers go down,the bells ring and you watch as the bridge "splits" it two to let boats through.

The port is a busy center for boats bringing out taconite( a rock that contains iron),coal or wheat.

The Aerial lift bridge

A tugboat passing through.

Townhouses along the port side.

Under the bridge on the pedestrian trails.

Pleasure craft taking tourists under towards the aerial bridge.

Aerial bridge seen from the Maritime park area.

This sandy area is Minnesota point ( Also called Park point).It is a sandbar that separates Lake Superior from Superior bay. You can also see the boats pass through.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Philadelphia- Mural art

Just a few examples of mural art in Philadelphia.
Do click on each photo to see more detail !

I loved this one which is dedicated to women.

I'm not quite sure what the theme is here...

Mural that you can see on the Cold Case opening trailer... Across Fairmount Park.

A South street Black heritage mural which is continued below...

Autumn colors on this one.